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Published: 07th June 2010
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ABSTRACT: The health care reform in the United States in the recent times paving way for huge business opportunity for software service provider. CareEMR is extending its business territory to the surgery center domain due to the immense market potential that ASC has in stock.

ASCs enable high quality health care for lower costs compared to the inpatient hospital setting because of the low overhead costs that's maintained by ASCs. On average, procedures at ASC would cost 47% less than those same procedures at hospitals. The main reason on ASCs being so successful in a short span is they offer valuable surgical and procedural services at a lower cost when compared to hospital. In addition, patients also pay less co-insurance for procedures performed in the ASC than for comparable procedures in the hospital setting.
A recent analysis by National Survey of Ambulatory Surgery revealed that the aging population will increase the demand for surgical procedure and more focus would be on subspecialists. This study concluded that the aging population will increase the demand for surgical services. The forecasted growth for the year 2020 will increase from 14% to 47%, depending on the specialty. The challenge would be to expand the number of surgical residencies, catering to the specialties in line with the inpatient setting and high end IT solution/EMR that would enable the functioning of the ASCs to be extremely productive, less time consuming and cost effective.

The surgery center procedures can be narrowed down to three main categories:
Pre-operative procedure
Intra-operative procedure
Post-operative procedure

When the patient has been determined to be an appropriate candidate for surgery, and has elected to proceed with surgical intervention, the below are the entities and associated procedure to the concerned entities.

The business needs of the surgery center would be fulfilled by the Surgery Center EMR that is being developed and the product would enable ASCs to perform various functionalities with all the required clinical information. Surgery center EMR would cater to the needs of a comprehensive surgery center work cycle. And this would complement the vision to expand the software business in the booming health care software solution market. This project would be consummate with various levels of integration of the system, customization and also developing new modules to accomplish the requirement of the client.

The ASC industry is ahead of the curves in identifying promising position for itself in improving and delivering quality health care. With a track record of high performance in stakeholder satisfaction, safety, quality and cost management the ASC industry is embracing itself to play a leading role in raising the standards for performance and surgical services. CareEMR is focusing its business acumen to be a part of this growth phase and be a market leader in providing surgery center software solutions.

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